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Brompton Laundry Co.

Professional Laundry Service


A family run business, the Brompton Laundry Company provides a full laundry service to businesses and private households throughout the North of England.

Fiona at the Brompton Laundry Company approached us wanting a total rebrand as they had just inherited the business and were looking to change its name.


The company was to be aimed at high-end clientele such as restaurants, bars and boutique hotels. In turn the client wanted a high-end and elegant feel for the logo and branding which would appeal to their target market.

The  logo was created using a custom-made letter ‘B’ from the company name with a badge like circle to create a sense of a ‘seal of approval’ to clients that use the companies services. The serif typeface was chosen to reflect the brands feel and compliment the logo.

“Having been given an excellent recommendation, Rebus more than lived up to expectations, creating a spot on brand which accurately reflected our vision."

Fiona Howie

Managing Director




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