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Marque of the month.

December 2017


At rebus we are always designing logos and developing new brands, it’s something we love doing, and are proud of all the logos, icons & identities we create. So that’s why we decided to share with you our favourite each month.

Last months was…  ‘PharmShop’.

We delivered.


Tracy and Angela approached us wanting to help rethink the Pharmacy packaging industry, noting that they were lagging behind other packaging manufacturers. As part of our initial meetings, we helped them to realise what was achievable and how we could apply their ideas to a digital presence.

We began by creating a logo which used iconic elements of the industry and produced a visual language around that logo. This can be seen in the product illustrations and brand assets produced for their website.

Moving forward we will be helping PharmShop to build their visual language through their website and other digital avenues.


"We wanted to modernise the pharmacy packaging industry and wanted a modern identity to match this. Rebus responded perfectly, helping us produce a brand that can grow with us".

Scott Wallis, Tracy Williams & Angela Wallis





If you have a project or new brand you would like to work together on, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.