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A step-by-step process.


Your identity has a significant impact on how your potential customers perceive your brand and let’s them know if it’s the right one for them. At Rebus we follow a 5 step process to ensure that the final outcome not only makes you look good but works for you too.

Discover + Define + Design + Refine + Develop

We Discover.

Good design starts with a good ear.

A good logo is an expression of a companies values, culture, people, who they are and what they stand for.

To understand a client and their needs, we first ask questions to develop a clear understanding of their business, their industry, their goals and target market… How would you like your customers to describe you? Who are your competitors and how do you differ from them? Does the company have sub-brands or different services? How and where will the logo be used? Would you describe yourselves as fun or serious? Loud or quiet?

These are just a few of the questions that will give us an insight into the personality of the business, the scenarios in which the new identity will be used, and how to position and differentiate the company from its competitors to provide the best possible solution.

We Define.

He who sets-off without a destination in mind will most probably end up nowhere.

In the design process, to get to the right end result, we set clear goals from the outset. After collating all the information during the discovery phase, we create a simple one-page design brief outlining our key findings and considerations. This helps us to stay focused when making future decisions on possible design directions throughout the process.

Mood boards and reference imagery is also created to help inspire and give the client insight into our thoughts and direction of the project before we pop the kettle on and start sketching.

We Design.

Homework is done, crack open a packet of Hob Nobs and a brand new Sharpie!

Once we have defined the direction and developed a good understanding of the personality for the new identity, we start with a pen, a blank sheet of paper and a mug of Yorkshire tea. We sketch… and then we sketch… and then we sketch some more! There are no right or wrong ideas at this point, they all go down on paper as soon as they pop into our heads,

After sketching tons of ideas, we take a break to reflect and judge each one against the design brief and our findings, only the most promising ideas are progressed further. Quite often due to our research, and by having a clear goal, our first ideas end up being the most suitable… but not always! That’s why we continue with this process until we have a selection of designs to present to the client that all answer the brief.

Ultimately at this early stage, we don’t want to confuse things with minute details… it’s all about the idea. We present more detailed concepts to the client so they can focus on the basic design ideas and the meanings behind them. The use of colour and fonts will all be considered in more detail a bit further down the line.

Before they are sent we ask ourselves again – Is it Simple? Is it Relevant? Is it Adaptable? Is it Distinctive? It’s pointless spending time designing an awesome logo if it’s virtually identical to a competitor.

We Refine.

Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.

After receiving feedback, we then refine our ideas, fonts are chosen to suit the style of the logo or the personality and character of the company, such as a contemporary sans-serif font, a traditional style serif font, or, to create the right look & feel or something unique, we may have to customise a typeface to suit. Alignment, construction, sizing, spacings and colour are all considered at this stage.

Is it Simple? Is it Relevant? Is it Adaptable? Is it Distinctive? If yes, we present to the client.

Following more feedback, we will develop the chosen route and fine-tune even further, making sure every detail is where it should be. The logo will be prepared to work in both vertical and horizontal applications as well as a social media icon or even favicon. This is why we ‘Keep it Simple’.

Further refinements may be made and the colours finalised, an important step in the process as the colours chosen now won’t just be the colours used on your logo but, will become an integral part of your brand identity and applied to all areas of the company. Is your company youthful and energetic? Then maybe yellow is the colour for you. Do you want to exude trustworthiness and maturity? Let’s try blue. Or, do you want to be perceived as modern and loud? Then red could be what you are looking for!

A few more rounds of refinement may be needed at this point before we arrive at the final Mark that will lay the foundations to develop and outstanding brand identity that reflects who you are, what to stand for, and that sets you apart from your competitors.

We Develop.

The design of a great logo is not the end, but the beginning of a great brand identity.

After we have worked so hard to create an identity that we are all proud of, let’s keep it that way! That’s why we work with our clients after the delivery of their new mark to help develop it across a wide range of customer touch-points to make sure it is used correctly and remains consistent.

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