Lovely Stuff for Lovely People

An identity to reflect a natural, friendly & fun business

The Challenge

When approached by Lindsey, so had nothing she could call an identity as such, just something she had quickly cobbled together herself when starting the business. As the business evolved and her customer base was rapidly growing, she was becoming more aware that her identity looked amateurish and very inconsistent across all applications. My challenge was to develop an entirely new consistent identity that could be easily applied across all customer touch-points.

I went to Rich at Rebus Design after he was highly recommended to me by a friend. I've got to say; I wasn't disappointed, he brought my vision to life, he came up with the idea of using the products I sell to create my new identity which I love. Rich has helped me steer my business in the right direction, and I'm so excited about the future, I can't recommend Rebus Design enough.

The Lovely Lindsey

Lovely Stuff for Lovely People

The Approach

After researching into the business and products that Lindsey sells, I wanted this to be a big part of the identity. Equally, I wanted to develop an identity that reflected Lindsey and her community, with a large engagement on social media as well as many personal connections with her customers I wanted to create something fun, friendly and fresh.

The Result

The logo designed incorporates the two 'L's that are linked to create a unique mark to represent Lovely Stuff & Lovely People. The ends of the mark are finished with simplistic leaf/plant shapes to symbolise the natural products that Lindsey sells. And finally, the logo has purposely been designed in the shape of a circle to express unity, love & community to represent her lovely group of loyal customers.

The overall personality of the logo is one that feels natural, friendly & feminine, which appeals to Lindsey's customers.

After the design of the logo, I developed things further and created an identity that reflected herself, but also the products. An extensive colour palette was created that ties nicely into the main ingredients that go into making the products, for example, Argan, Mango and Pink Grapefruit to name just three. I then took this one step further and designed illustrations for each of the 16 colours and ingredients; this gave a fantastic library of assets to play with when developing the bags, vouchers and mailers Lindsey needed to kickstart the new brand. The use of the elements created has been left flexible so we can choose whichever shapes or colours we want. The whole purpose of this brand identity is to create fresh, natural imagery while having total flexibility and fun.