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Now, more than ever, a kitchen is a space for living. And a David Charles kitchen is designed and built specifically for how you want to live.

Brand Identity  +  Print Collateral  +  Company Workwear  +  Vehicle Livery

David Charles Kitchens

Passionate + Professional + Reliable
+ Creative + Stylish


Our task was to move our client away from their existing bland, forgettable Mark and create them a clean, modern simplistic identity that was instantly recognisable and helped them stand out against all the competitors in their marketplace.


Our client on this project, who has a background in design and an eye for detail was very keen to keep things ultra simplistic, as well as keep their new Mark purely typographical. We were eager to somehow develop an icon or emblem we could use throughout the brand identity, so we looked to the letters for inspiration!

“It’s nice to work with designers that actually gives a s**t about design!”

David Charles


We found the DC within the words DAVI ‘DC’ HARLES the same way our client finds a clever use of space when designing a kitchen. We then developed this idea to work as both a simple wordmark and also a typographical icon to create an ultra-simple unique Mark. Yet another happy client.

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