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After discovering the optimum balance between memory foams proven comfort and regulating temperature for a blissful nights sleep, OTTY developed their ‘Cool Blue Gel’ revolutionary mattress!

Brand Identity  +  Packaging  +  Website Design  +  Print Collateral  +  Advertising

Otty Beds

Modern + Innovative + Strong + Vibrant
+ Fresh


With an ambition to become the worlds number 1 sleep brand, the new brand identity for OTTY needed to communicate the companies unfussy, honest and straightforward approach as well as differentiate it from the competition in a marketplace that is becoming more and more crowded.


Our idea was to keep the new Mark as simple as possible but still distinctive. With the OTTY name been so short and snappy, from the outset both ourselves and the client were keen to create this simplicity through a Wordmark. Our initial inspiration came from creating a bespoke shaped name tag to be stitched onto the products.

“Rebus took the time to fully listen and understand our vision and quickly became part of our family, they are driven by creating amazing results, are hugely responsive, quick learning and full of brilliant ideas. Our vision to build the world’s number 1 sleep brand quickly became theirs too.”

Michal Szlas
Managing Director


The simple hand-drawn typography and use of shape were chosen to give a contemporary feel to the identity. While the vibrant green colour was chosen to symbolise harmony, freshness, and fertility. Green also has strong emotional correspondence with safety, and where do you feel safer than in bed?

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