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Tried and trusted, Wave & Tidal Energy Network is the communication hub for decision-makers in the wave & tidal energy industry across Europe and beyond.

Brand Identity  +  Editorial Design  +  Print Collateral  +  Branded Merchandise  +  Signage  +  Exhibition Graphics

Wave &Tidal Energy Network

Modern + Bold + Serious
+ Friendly + Different


With this project, our task was initially to design the logo and identity for a new industry magazine for the renewable sector. The creation of the logo was always just going to be the first step in the development of this new identity, and after the logo and magazine were finalised the new identity needed to be applied to print collateral, website, exhibition graphics and branded merchandise.


Our inspiration for this Mark I’m sure is pretty obvious! Within the Wave & Tidal industry, the buoys, turbines, and other technologies are used to capture the power of the waves and tides and convert it into clean, pollution-free electricity. We wanted somehow to incorporate the easily recognisable and simple symbol of a wave.

“We only work with people who are as passionate about our business as we are: The team at Rebus ‘totally get us’ and can, therefore, reflect who we are with a minimum of fuss. Over the years working with Rebus we have grown considerably, and believe they have played a large part in our success.”

Rosie McGilvray
Key Account Director


It wouldn’t have been the first time someone has used a wave symbol as a logo, but, we wanted to do it differently! Looking at the letters in the company names it dawned on us we could weave the wave into the text using the ampersand. This not only gave us a unique Mark to work with but also the graphical elements and shapes of the wave that we could extend, repeat and play around with until our heart’s content to develop the rest of their brand identity.

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