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Performance wall coatings and weatherproofing systems that meet the needs of the most demanding of the UK weather conditions.

Brand Identity  +  Packaging  +  Exhibition Graphics  +  Print Collateral  +  Branded Merchandise  +  Signage  +  Company Workwear  +  Advertising


Innovative + Strong + Dependable
+ Durable + Trusted


The majority of the identity projects we work on are either start-up companies or existing companies looking to refresh or re-brand… but not all of them! In the case of Wethertex they were well established and well known within their industry, with an extensive range of products already in the marketplace. So, a new identity was out of the question, but what they did need help with was fine-tuning their existing logo and creating a consistent look and feel across all customer touch points.


With our client reluctant not to change their identity at all, we convinced them to let us re-draw the logo to make it technically correct and more pleasing on the eye while keeping the changes to a bare minimum so that the majority of people wouldn’t even notice the difference.

“An investment in good quality marketing and design is an investment that is essential for any growing business, and Rebus will create the look that is just right for you.”

Alex Chalmers
Managing Director


Our solution with this task was to generally simplify and tidy up the logo; add space where needed, line things up where appropriated and remove design changes where they were inappropriate. Resulting in a much more aesthetically pleasing Mark, that now has two very prominent and separate lines above and below the wordmark that can be used throughout the branding.

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