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WOW! Wax on Wax. Two unique yet perfectly compatible fragrances layered gently into one candle.

Brand Identity  +  Packaging  +  Print Collateral

WOW Candles

Elegant + Sophisticated + Luxurious
+ Relaxing + Feminine


With a lack of confidence in their current branding, we were tasked with developing a new concept and visual identity for the Harrogate Candle Company and their premium product range… WOW Candles. The new identity needed to better reflect the uniqueness of the product and position it within the premium market. Our initial challenge was to develop a unique new Mark and product packaging that worked in harmony together.


WOW is not only the response to the beautiful fragrance of these candles when they meet, but it also stands for ‘WAX ON WAX’. Two unique yet perfectly compatible aromas that are gently layered one on top of the other is what makes these candles so different to other candles on the market, and from the outset, this was something we wanted to visualise in the new identity we created for them.

“The team at Rebus listened to the brief perfectly and produced a brand that has given us the confidence to sell our premium product at a premium price. We would highly recommend Rebus.”

Deborah Wilson & Fiona Carr


It helped that the products name ‘WOW’ was symmetrical, as we wanted to reflect how these unique candles were layered within our Mark. We stacked the letters vertically on top of each other, exactly how the two fragrances are layered. This gave us the ability to dissect the Mark on the packaging and other collateral straight through the middle, where the two fragrances meet ‘THE WOW MOMENT’, perfectly visualising the uniqueness of this product. Pattern and colour were then used to denote the fragrances within the candles, separating each candle within the range but also keeping a consistent look and feel throughout.

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