How To Stand Out With Your Health & Beauty Branding

Richard Stockdale - Rebus Design Richard Stockdale 23rd September 2020

Health & beauty, by definition, is a very visual market, so as well as your brand being dynamic and future-proofed in an ever-changing landscape, it also needs to stand out against a huge amount of competition. Brand names in health & beauty rarely give any literal clues away, so the brand itself is critical in selling and promoting the product. So, on the assumption that you haven’t got a pop star or the latest Hollywood starlet available to endorse your product and lend their face to it, how does your brand stand out?

Social media

An unavoidable truth and increasingly the centre of everything, but you should use your social media channels to add extra dimensions to your product, and tell a visual story and provide a message that perhaps is missing or needs embellishing from a traditional ad campaign. Social media offers you so much scope to be creative and challenging, so use it. Social media can target specific users and really push your branding by extending the boundaries and adding storytelling and messaging to your craft.


The health and beauty market is about connecting and you need to be able to relate to your customer’s personal issues and demands. Your brand needs to be relatable and accessible, so show some personality, promote a diverse but inclusive message, show a human and socially aware side and don’t be afraid to show a reaction to current affairs and events. Messaging doesn’t have to be directly related to the product, lifestyle advice of any kind, for example, will be helpful and well-received by the health & beauty demographic.

Pick a cause

You can use your brand to build self-esteem and confidence in young people or perhaps a vulnerable sector of society and this will reflect well on your brand, as long as you avoid tokenism and choose your messaging carefully. This could be through aligning with a cause such as anti-bullying or helping with eating disorders, but particularly something your target market can relate to. People identify with this type of messaging and subliminally associate your branding with a wholesome voice and strong, empathetic emotions. It also gives your brand a personality, which consumers can attach to.

Help and advice

Talking of personality, give yourself a voice and let it be heard. Use your social media channels and website to offer tutorials and advice sessions. You can push your products and special offers at the same time, but customers love to think they are getting something extra and free of charge, so a little extra content can go a long way and give your brand some industry authority.

Create a community

Health & beauty is a market where people have an opinion, and there is plenty of choice out there, so you should encourage discussion and a healthy exchange of views and ideas. Use your brand to set up a community where people can build relationships, get great advice and discuss your products. This could be through social media or a forum on your website, but tie it in with your brand and people are spreading your message every time a comment is made or a new discussion thread is started. You can also offer this community special offers and exclusivity on certain promotions.

Regular surveys

It is hardly rocket science to suggest a brand puts out a customer survey, but does the brand always listen? Why not demonstrate that you do? Make sure you give people feedback to survey findings and show you have made tangible changes to your products or service based on these. This promotes attachment and brand loyalty, which in health & beauty is essential in achieving longevity in the market.

Be believable

We mentioned tokenism above, but it is important not to just follow fads; your branding needs to be credible and substantial. Don’t state that you support veganism if you don’t, people can see right through it. You need to have principles and big ideas, but you need to be able to follow them through and make sure your ideas have substance and value. That way your brand will gain authority and trust, and you will start to stand out from the crowd.

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