Our Process

The way you look has a significant impact on how your potential customers perceive your brand and lets them know if it’s the right one for them. While every project is different, my process stays the same, to ensure that the outcome not only makes you look good but works hard for you too.

I dig...

Good design starts with a good ear.

It starts with a conversation, we'll arrange to meet in person, and if not possible we can Zoom to discuss your project in more detail. Probably the most important step in the process, here I aim to learn as much as possible, who you are, what you do, why you do it? We will discuss your challenges, problems and discover your needs and develop an understanding of the overall goals for the project.

All this information will give me an insight into the personality of the business, the scenarios in which the new identity will be used, and how to position and differentiate the company from your competitors to provide the best possible solution.

I decipher...

He who sets-off without a destination in mind will most probably end up nowhere.

After collating and reviewing all the information from our initial meeting and built up an idea of what you are all about, I create a simple design brief outlining key findings and considerations. This document helps me stay focused when making future decisions on possible design directions throughout the process. We will review the design brief together and if necessary make refinements before moving forward.

Next, I develop snapshots (mood boards), these are a design overview that helps present the visual language, direction and vision of a project that consists of fonts, colours, logo styles, patterns, photography and visual elements. These boards help to inspire and give you an insight into my thinking and direction of the project before I pop the kettle on and start doodling.

I doodle...

Homework done! Time to crack open a packet of Hob Nobs and a brand new Sharpie!

Once the direction of the project has been defined. I grab a blank sheet of paper, a pen and a mug of Yorkshire tea. I sketch, and then I sketch, and then I sketch some more! At this stage, there are no right or wrong ideas or doodles, absolutely everything and anything goes down on paper as soon as it pops into my head.

After sketching tons of ideas, I take a break to reflect and judge each one against the design brief, and my initial findings, the most promising ideas are progressed further. Ultimately at this stage, I don't fuss over minute details, it's all about the idea. When ready, I develop more detailed concepts and present in mockups to show the designs in context, making it easier for you to visualise the final logo or brand identity on a business card, billboard or banner.

I delight...

Everybody is unique, and I want this to shine through all that I do.

A few rounds of refinement may be needed at this point before we arrive at the final designs that will lay the foundations to develop an outstanding brand identity that reflects who you are, what to stand for, and that most importantly sets you apart from your competitors.

After we have worked so hard to create an identity that we are all proud of, let’s keep it that way! That is why we work with our clients after the delivery to help develop the new designs across a wide range of customer touch-points, making sure it is used correctly and remains consistent.

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