Food & Drink Design & Branding

They say first you eat with your eyes. So a mouth-watering brand identity that creates excitement is essential if you want to discover the recipe for success.

The whole package

When you have so many elements to consider, such as packaging, web, signage and print collateral, you might need a food and drink design agency that can see your brand through from concept to creation and be your long-term creative partner. That’s where we come in.

Food brands now have to thrive in the digital world. Branding has to be capable of applying consistently to everything from packaging and staff clothing to Facebook and Instagram.

Food and drink branding & design

We know the scale of food and drink brief. We understand the importance of emotive design and capture the very essence of what your brand or product is about. After all, it has got to be just right with a large target market. Based in Yorkshire, our boutique design and branding agency is a perfect fit for any food or drink brand looking to work with an experienced and passionate creative team.

How Rebus can help your food and drink brand

Are you looking to make your mark with unique branding or creative design?

At Rebus, our boutique design and branding agency will work with you from concept to creation. We offer a full range of services, including:

Brand Identity
Logo Design
Print Design
Packaging Design
Web Design

Call today on 01765 647100 to discuss your project, or click here to send an enquiry.

Top tips for food and drink branding

Looking good is the first step.
If you’re a manufacturer, you may have the best tasting product in the world, but you have to get consumers interested first. The packaging and design elements will help consumers decide if they want to try your product.

Think long term.
Your product range may develop and expand, and your brand needs to keep up. Opt for designs that will work now and be equally future-proof.

Niche or Not?
You may have a niche market, or you may be targeting a wide range of consumers. Explore all avenues before settling on one specific route.

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