Harrogate Tipple

Packaging designed for small-batch distillery based in the beautiful Ripley Castle Estate

The Challenge

When first approached by Sally at Harrogate Tipple, her issue was that she only had a pencil sketch and scan of Donnie, the otter, the beloved face of the brand. Their problem came when wanting to print in specific scenarios and also when scaling to larger sizes; it simply wasn't possible. So, the first task was to drag Donnie into the 21st Century and vectorize him.

An elegant and sympathetic colour palette was developed to connect and differentiate between the products.

The Result

After scanning, tracing and a lot of tweaking a more modern, clean and crisp Donnie was born. The new donnie now could be scaled to the size of a building, if needed. The next task was to help with the creation of new labels and product packaging across their range of Gins and Rum. For the bottles and their tubes, I kept the design very clean and minimal, which gave them a premium and luxurious look and feel. For the back labels, something a little different was designed, a bespoke illustration of Ripley Castle and the 750-year-old gardens within the Castle walls, where most of the botanicals used are grown. Finally, a sympathetic colour palette was chosen to connect and differentiate between the products.