About Rebus

I take great pride in creating brand identities that are recognisable and memorable. I design from the heart, with honesty and originality, but most of all you’ll find I ‘design with reason’. Design is at the core of everything I do; relying on past experiences, a willingness to learn and above all my instincts.

This is Me

Inquisitive + Creative + Competitive

Not the most academic of students, the majority of my passion and effort was funnelled into Art & Sports. So on leaving school, it came as no surprise to anyone that I ended up at York College of Art & Design, this is where I discovered my passion for design. From here I was accepted on to the Graphic Design course at Cleveland College where I passed with Distinction and also gained an unconditional offer onto the Typography course from the prestigious London College of Printing (LCP). Here I spent a great deal of time with my nose pressed up against the glass where the Macs were kept – because at LCP, students on the Typography course weren’t allowed to touch them in the first year. That’s because this course focused on teaching core skills, explaining fundamental techniques and expanding thought processes. Most importantly of all, it was a course about design in the commercial world, and not about making pretty pictures.

All this was the solid grounding and foundations for what Rebus was built upon and produces today. Well considered, meaningful design, created to work hard in the real world.


This is Forrest

Excitable + Energetic + Loving

This is Forrest. Forrest doesn’t work at Rebus, have any social media accounts or help in any way towards the running of the business. But can usually be found under my desk waiting to pounce as soon as anyone dares to knock on our door.


I have a set of values that help define and guide the decisions I make, how I act, how I work, and even how I think.

Do the right thing

Work with customers and prospects openly, honestly and fairly.

Pursue growth & learning

Continuously improve and move forward, with a willingness to grow, learn and challenge myself.

What I do, I do well

Take pride in all that I do. Embrace creative ways of thinking and push boundaries, meeting or exceeding expectations.

Great experience

Everything I do says ‘I care’. Making a positive difference in my clients’ lives.

Be accountable

Delivering the very best in all I do, holding myself accountable for my actions and results. If it could be better, let’s make it better.

Design with reason

Doing something for a definite reason is designing. Every project is different, but the way I work remains the same; smart, considered ideas that make a difference.

So, what is a Rebus?

noun: re·​bus \ ˈrē-bəs \
In Latin, the word rebus means ‘by things’ a rebus is a form of the Latin phrase res, which means ‘thing’. English speakers started using the phrase rebus for picture writing in the early 1600s.

A rebus is a puzzle or engaging brainteaser that combines illustrated graphics or images with individual letters or words to depict phrases. For example, a picture of an Ape, followed by the letter X, means ‘APEX’.

I work with clients who have problems they need to solve. It may be a rebrand of a business that now needs to appeal to an entirely new audience or multiple logos that need to work and look like part of a family and represent different divisions within a company. As a graphic designer, I use a combination of type, images and illustrations to visually solve these problems for my clients, just like a Rebus!

How I work

I dig…

Probably the most critical step in the process, here I aim to learn as much as possible, who you are, what you do, why you do it? We will discuss your challenges problems, discover your needs, and develop an understanding of the overall goals for the project.

I decipher…

After collating and reviewing all the information from our initial meeting and built up an idea of what you are all about, I create a simple design brief outlining key findings and considerations and develop mood boards to steer the designs in the right direction.

I doodle…

Once the direction of the project has been defined. I grab a blank sheet of paper, a pen and a mug of Yorkshire tea. I sketch, and then I sketch, and then I sketch some more! There are no right or wrong ideas or doodles; absolutely anything goes.

I delight…

A few rounds of refinement may be needed at this point before we arrive at the final designs that will lay the foundations to develop a unique brand identity that reflects who you are, what you stand for, and that, most importantly, sets you apart from your competitors.

I develop…

After working so hard to create an identity that we are all proud of, let’s keep it that way! That is why I work with my clients after the delivery to help develop the new designs across a wide range of customer touch-points, making sure it is used correctly and remains consistent.

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