Studio 1, 1 Allinson House, Allinson Court,
Old Market Place, Ripon, North Yorkshire HG4 1AL
01765 647 100

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A great identity should not only reflect who you are, but should also distinguish you from everybody else. So put your faith in us, and ‘dare to be different’.

We fill all the Marks and identities we create with personality and meaning. We don’t design them just to be loved by our clients, we design them to emotionally connect with their customers, speaking to them in a way that says ‘I’m friendly’, ‘I’m exclusive’ or ‘I’m the one for you, please take me home’.

Our Values

Do the right thing.

We work with each other, customers and prospects openly, honestly and fairly.

Be respectful.

We value each other, encourage our development and reward success.

Better together.

We lead and learn from one another. The best ideas are born out of a collaboration.

Pursue growth and learning.

We are continuously improving and moving forward, with a willingness to grow, learn and challenge ourselves.

What we do, we do well.

We take pride in all that we do. Embrace creative ways of thinking and push boundaries, meeting or exceeding expectations. We punch above our weight.

Great customer experience.

Everything we do says ‘we give a shit’, we are warm, reliable and trustworthy. Making a positive difference in our customers lives.

Be accountable.

Delivering our very best in all we do, holding ourselves accountable for our actions and results. If it could be better, let’s make it better.

Design with reason.

Doing something for a definite reason is designing. Every project is different, but the way we work remains the same; smart, considered ideas that make a difference.

Our team

You work directly with the design team at rebus, as we believe this is the only way to deliver great results that will work for you. Producing unique, tailored designs to suit every brief.

The Team

Sporty + Imaginative
+ Creative + Honest

Richard Stockdale

Organised + Talkative
+ Reliable + Fun

Jade Barker

Netball Mad + Compassionate
+ Generous + Mum of 2

Lindsey Stockdale

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