About us

By staying small, we focus on what we like to do and do well

We design from the heart, with honesty and originality, but most of all you’ll find… we ‘design with reason’. Design is at the core of everything we do, we rely on our past experiences, a willingness to learn & grow, and above all our instincts, and that feeling you get in your gut!

Meet Rich

Inquisitive + Creative + Competitive

You can learn a lot at design college, and you can learn a lot more if you go to lots of them - which is exactly what Rich did. Starting in York he went on to top his year at Cleveland College before gaining an unconditional offer onto the Typography course from the prestigious London College of Printing (LCP). Here he spent a great deal of time with his nose pressed up against the glass where the Macs were kept - because on the Typography course students weren't allowed to touch them in the first year. That's because this was a craftsman-designed course teaching core skills, explaining fundamental techniques and expanding thought processes. Most importantly of all, it was a course about design in the commercial world, and not about making pretty pictures. All this was the solid grounding and foundations for what Rebus was built upon and produces today... Intelligent creativity, well thought-through, designed to work hard in the real world.

Meet Jade

Organised + Dependable + Helpful

Jade started at Rebus in 2011 on a placement year from her degree at the University of Huddersfield, and we haven’t been able to get rid of her since! Jade loves getting stuck in and helping companies develop their branding throughout all their marketing collateral once Rich has created them a bad-ass brand. Bubbly and sociable she loves catching up with clients and always happy to lend a hand with any issues they may have.

Meet Lins

Enthusiastic + Ambitious + Fun

A dental nurse for 27 years before joining Rebus, Lindsey loved interacting with the public on a daily basis and is very much a people person, friendly, laid-back and just downright bloody lovely makes her perfect for dealing with clients and suppliers. Our Lins is extremely enthusiastic about netball and plays in the local team a couple of times a week. She’s a mum to two teenage girls and a very naughty but loving black lab. Lindseys perfect day would go something like this... A long dog walk followed by a pub lunch. A game of netball then a glass of wine (or two) in the hot tub.

Meet Forrest

Excitable + Energetic + Loving

This is Forrest. Forrest doesn't work for us, have any social media accounts or help in any way towards the running of the business. Forrest is a dog!

We have a set of values that have been created by ourselves, they help us define and guide the decisions we make, how we act, the way we work, and even the way we think.

Our Values

Do the right thing

We work with each other, customers and prospects openly, honestly and fairly.

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Be respectful

We value each other, encourage our development and reward success.

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Better together

We lead and learn from one another. The best ideas are born out of a collaboration.

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Pursue growth & learning

We are continuously improving and moving forward, with a willingness to grow, learn and challenge ourselves.

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What we do, we do well

We take pride in all that we do. Embrace creative ways of thinking and push boundaries, meeting or exceeding expectations. We punch above our weight.

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Great experience

Everything we do says ‘we give a shit’, we are warm, reliable and trustworthy. Making a positive difference in our customers lives.

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Be accountable

Delivering our very best in all we do, holding ourselves accountable for our actions and results. If it could be better, let’s make it better.

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Design with reason

Doing something for a definite reason is designing. Every project is different, but the way we work remains the same; smart, considered ideas that make a difference.

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How we work

I didn’t appreciate what great design could do until I worked with Rebus, they immediately highlighted the problems with my old logo and helped me to find an identity that worked for me and my business. I have no hesitation in recommending them to any of our clients.
John Ranby, Director Bee Social Marketing

Whilst you're flicking through our work and considering the design for your own company, you might also be interested in the stories behind the work; how we reached the decisions we reached and how each piece reflects the business it represents. So why not give us a call and ask for a bit more info? We'd be delighted to oblige.

Our Clients

Latest News

Brand Guidelines, why do you need them?

One of the most important parts of branding is consistency; regardless of the size of your company. Brand guidelines are a key tool to help ensure consistency across all applications.

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What makes a good logo design?

With all the logos we create we stick to our proven formula… keep it simple, make it relevant, design it to be adaptable and make sure it’s distinctive.

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6 Tips For Creating A Memorable Brand Identity

Creating a ‘brand’ is far more than just creating a logo, otherwise a boutique design and branding agency like us would struggle to justify its skills and expertise.

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