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We have worked with many eCommerce sites delivering design and branding expertise to build long-term visibility online.

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Top Tips For eCommerce Brands

Rebus took the time to listen and understand our vision fully and quickly became part of our family; they are driven by creating amazing results, are hugely responsive, quick learning and full of brilliant ideas. Our vision to build the world’s number 1 sleep brand quickly became theirs too.
Michal Szlas - Managing Director, OTTY Beds


How To Know When It’s Time For A New Brand Identity

Changing your brand identity can be a scary thing, or you can embrace it for the greater good, but either way, it is important to recognise when it is necessary.

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What’s In A Brand Name?

Fundamentally, your product or service is what makes your brand name successful, so you won’t get very far in establishing your brand name and growing it, without that.

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25 Of The Most Recognisable Logos In The UK

The purpose of any logo is to be instantly recognisable and unique. A compelling logo will help customers to remember your brand and understand its values and personality.

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