Design for Print

You’d be forgiven for thinking that marketing has gone all electronic these days. Not true. There’s still plenty of room for a hard-working leaflet, poster or brochure to thumb through.

If you need to promote a service or product, I offer a bespoke design and print solutions to help my clients stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Designing for print

I offer a wide range of graphic design and print solutions, including stationery, brochures, menus, and magazines from design concept to completion. If you can name it, we can print it! I ensure your company catalogue, or something as simple as your business card, portrays the right message, as these things are always there to reflect you and your company, even out of office hours.

See it, feel it, touch it.

A well-designed business card printed on a quality piece of card, a blind embossed invitation to the launch of a new product or even a map of the University campus to help you find your way around during the first few weeks is a much different experience than viewing something on a screen. Whatever the medium, it still needs design to make a good impression.

Tips for designing for print

Check and check again.
When finalised and approved for printing, make sure to check everything thoroughly, then double-check and triple check. Mistakes can be very costly.

Get to know your Dots Per Inch (DPI).
It’s essential to understand the basics of resolution for print as this will determine the quality of the printed image. Going big with the DPI is always better than risking an iffy image. Once it’s on the press, there is no going back!

Size matters.
Choose the correct format for your print. Are you going to print your new mailer in A5 or A4? Collate all the information at the outset, experiment with the different options, and print them out so you have a physical thing in your hands. Does A4 feel too big? Is A5 large enough to comfortably display all the information? If not, maybe consider something in between and create a bespoke size for your mailer.

Finally, if you take all the advice above, one final tip would be to always get a proof from the printers to have a good scan over before forwarding on your print-ready files.

Print Design FAQs

Find out more about my print design services and the process to get started.
Read the Print Design FAQs.

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