Wharfedale Interiors

An identity to reflect a proud and long history of quality and service

The Challenge

Having worked with Rhys in the past, he contacted us to discuss a new acquisition, Wharefdale Fitted Furniture in Ilkley. The challenge was that the current image and brand identity did not fit Rhys's vision for the future. He wanted something modern and clean that would appeal to a wide customer base who were looking to buy a kitchen from anywhere between £5,000 and £60,000.

After taking over a long established business we wanted to refresh the existing brand identity which was tired and uninspiring. We wanted a clean, professional and modern brand which communicated the companies vision and mission as we entered this exciting new stage of the business. With the majority of our business being within the West Yorkshire and Wharfedale region, we wanted to to be reflected within the new identity and logo. When we spoke with multiple designers, it was clear Rebus were a level above the rest, their attention to detail, creativity and experience is second to none. Rebus re-designed our logo, brochures, workwear, signage, social media and fleet of vans and cars. We are delighted with the end result, it's completely transformed our business and showroom. The new branding has already won us work and paid for itself within the first month. I cannot recommend Rebus Design enough, if you are serious about your business branding, you need to speak with Richard at Rebus. Thank you.

Rhys Boven, Director

Wharfedale Interiors

The Approach

The name was the issue we had to tackle first, Wharfedale Fitted Furniture did not encompass all aspects of the business and was simply misleading as the majority of projects carried out were for new Kitchens or Bathrooms. We didn't want to completely change the name for something new as the business was well established and had a great reputation for quality products and service, one of the main reasons Rhys was attracted to the business in the first place. So, we changed the name to Wharfdale Interiors to keep a connection both to the old name and also its location. After a few discussions we discovered that Wharfedale and the River Wharfe that runs though Ilkley was important to the owners and local customers, so we used this as part of our inspiration when working on the new brand identity.

The new branding for Wharfedale Interiors paid for itself within the first month.

The Result

Extremely happy with the new identity, Rhys thinks it captures exactly what they were looking for, a clean, professional modern brand that connects with a wide target market. The bespoke logo and colour palette represents tradition and the rural location in a minimalist modern way which has been seamlessly developed across all printed collateral, social media, vehicle livery, advertising, packaging and now the showroom facia.