Strive for Education

Enabling pupils to achieve their full potential

The Challenge

Strive for Education is a new venture by Andy and Sonja Brown, both passionate about helping children who need an opportunity and additional support to access their learning. My challenge was to create a new brand identity to reflect the positive and inclusive culture of this new business. As part of the brief, I needed to create a visual identity that appealed to both Head Masters, Governing Bodies and Educational Institutes, as well as engage with the children they will be teaching.

The Approach

I initially sat down with Andy and Sonja for a few hours to discuss their new venture, their goals, their aspirations and vision for this business. Out of this the core values for Strive were born - 'S' Support - 'T' Trust - 'R' Respect - 'I' Inspire - 'V' value - 'E' Engage. The creation of these core values helped massively in designing a brand identity to visually represents them and also their vision for the future.

Richard at Rebus Design was instrumental in the birth of our company; he did so much more that create our logo, branding and website. He took the time to learn about what we do, how we do it and helped us to unearth our core values. These core values have become the central heartbeat of the business, and Rich enabled us to understand what they are and how to portray them. We highly recommend working with Rebus Design.

Andy Brown, Managing Director

Strive for Education

Strive for Education is an Alternative Provision based in Harrogate, providing education for young people who do not attend mainstream school on a full-time basis.

The Result

I developed a bold, robust, unique and very simple wordmark with a meaning behind it that perfectly captured the essence of change and growth, precisely what the company is striving to achieve. A responsive logo was developed focusing on the 'V' turned on its side, which symbolises 'greater than'. A strong, simple typographic and visual style is used to reflect the wordmark but also generate bold, inspiring and engaging imagery that grabs attention. Great people to work with and a great project to work on, I wish every success to this venture and hope they inspire and change the fortunes of many children for many years to come.