Education Design & Branding

Your visual identity as an academic institution or educational resource is the first thing people will see, and it needs to be compelling and engaging.

Design for all ages

I work with many different academic institutions in the UK, including schools, colleges, nurseries and universities. Although each might have similar requirements in terms of project scope (online assets, printed material), each one needs its own identity to stand out from its peers.

Are you looking for an education branding company? Welcome to Rebus, your perfectly formed creative design and branding agency.

Education branding & design

What is your brand messaging, tone of voice and personality? The fundamentals for creating great designs in education are based on knowing the very core of your brand.

How Rebus can help your education brand

Are you looking to make your mark with unique branding or creative design?

At Rebus, our boutique design and branding agency will work with you from concept to creation. I offer a full range of services, including:

Brand Identity
Logo Design
Print Design
Packaging Design
Web Design

Top tips for education branding

Target market.
Different requirements for different markets should always be considered. A university brand will be different to an online educational resource. Know your audience.

Online and offline.
Your educational branding should transcend seamlessly offline and online.

Emotional and authentic.
The best brands make emotional connections and have genuine authenticity.

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