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There’s being on the web and being effective on the web – and there’s a big difference. It’s easy to be dazzled by design, but it is far harder to blend form with function and arrive at something that looks good and works well in equal measure.

Bringing the vision for your brand to life online

Clear out the clutter

No matter how good your new website is, if users can’t find their way around, they will quickly get fed up and leave. I believe in keeping all aspects of the website as simple as possible; a great site doesn’t have to be super complicated. A study has shown that visitors don’t like visual complexity; the more complex the design, the less it is beautiful.

Devoid of visual clutter creates an aesthetically uncomplicated experience for the user.

Web design

An online extension of your brand identity, the design of your website is more than just arranging things on screen; it impacts how visitors perceive your brand and your business. It should also align with all other aspects of your visual identity, maintaining consistency across all applications, building recognition and trust in your brand.

Web design

Be seen worldwide without leaving your office and make sure your website tells customers everything they need to know, without having to say a word. Capture the attention of billions, and let me create a website that makes a statement.

Tips for web design

Be responsive.
Your website should be fully responsive and offer a seamless experience on all devices, from desktops to mobile devices. If not, be prepared for visitors to bounce!

Don’t skimp on photography.
If possible, use high-quality bespoke photography on your website; this can make a huge difference visually. Avoid poor quality images or standard stock photos; these can do more harm than good.

Pay attention to typography.
Ensure all copy is laid out and displayed well with plenty of space. Never use large scrolling blocks of text. Break them up for easier reading and create more exciting layouts. And finally, pay close attention to colour pairings in typography, use contrasting colours and tones for clear legibility.

Web Design FAQs

Find out more about my web design services and the process to get started.
Read the Web Design FAQs.

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