Technology Design & Branding

To be taken seriously, technology brands need an innovative, modern and clean brand identity to make their mark in this sector.

Impact on technology

The technology sector in the UK is growing all the time, and when it comes to tech, looks matter. In many cases, you are designing the future, reflecting this in your visual identity.

Never has branding and design been more critical than with technology. They go hand in hand, like bread and butter, salt and pepper or fish and chips.

Technology branding & design

You may be a technology start-up or a digital company with an existing presence looking to take your brand to the next level. Whatever tech-based business you have, we’re here to help make your brand stand out against the competition.

Based in Yorkshire, we are a creative design and branding agency perfectly suited to helping technology brands make their mark in the fast-moving industry. The best brands keep up, and we want you to be one of them.

How Rebus can help your technology brand

Are you looking to make your mark with unique branding or creative design?
At Rebus, our boutique design and branding agency will work with you from concept to creation. We offer a full range of services, including:

Brand Identity
Logo Design
Print Design
Packaging Design
Web Design

Call today on 01765 647100 to discuss your project, or click here to send an enquiry.

Tips for technology branding

Go crazy, right?
There are no rules with tech branding. You can be as bold and dynamic as you want. It should be unique to you and memorable to others.

Remember the human factor.
Creating a personality for your brand is essential. Remember your audience and communicate the right message.

Brand values, they matter.
What do your brand and business stand for? What are your values? It is essential to know these and consider how they might develop with your tech brand.

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