Play Yours

Bringing the traditional jukebox into the 21st Century

The Play Yours App brings the idea of the traditional jukebox into the 21st Century by using the smartphone to add songs to a musical queue.

The Challenge

Play Yours approached me to help them design the new identity and interface for their new mobile application to connect with a younger audience.

“It was great to work with Richard, and we couldn’t be happier with our new identity and mobile application. He didn’t just design what we needed; he proactively gave us ideas and advice when developing the interface”.

Tom Haire, Managing Director Play Yours

The Approach

My inspiration and what I wanted to capture for this project came from the connection between effortlessly playing your music using the wifi in a bar or pub.

The Result

The application created an environment where people could effortlessly listen to their music without leaving their seats. So, I incorporated both a musical note and the wireless icon to represent the concept of the App. I then developed a unique, fresh and contemporary look across all application screens, ensuring the end-user was given a fluid and familiar experience.