ARCH Mediation

Working to resolve differences, find agreements and avoid conflict

The Challenge

When contacted by ARCH to look at a rebrand for the company, they had an inconsistent, unprofessional image in place, and my task was to create something new, modern and professional to replace it.

Although they wanted a professional appearance, they also didn't want it to look too business-like, as the range of clientele ranging from children and families through to large corporate companies.

Having worked with Richard at Rebus on a number of occasions he always come up with creative solutions to any brief. He is a pleasure to deal with and never fail to impress.

Caroline Barr, Marketing Consultant

Arch Mediation

The Result

I created a modern, clean, professional identity for ARCH by initially designing the new logo using bespoke hand-drawn lettering so we could make the iconic letter 'A' to represent strength, sturdiness and the ability to carry enormous weight. The arch also symbolises openness and a gateway or path to a new beginning, perfect for a company wanting to resolve differences and avoid conflicts.

The iconic 'A' shape created has become the responsive mark of the company and using the new purple & green colour palette makes it less corporate and more approachable as well and very memorable.