Brand Storytelling Agency In Yorkshire

What does your brand say about your business? Is it outdated, tired or inaccurate? Has your business changed but your brand hasn’t?

Rebus is a brand storytelling agency in Yorkshire and I can work with you to ensure your brand accurately reflects your message, identity and personality, both today and tomorrow.

What is brand storytelling?

Brand storytelling is creating a brand that accurately reflects every aspect of your business, but also connects with your existing or potential customer base. Essentially, brand storytelling is about:

Engaging customers

Understanding customer needs

Representing who is behind the business

Demonstrating the culture, vision or mission of the business

At Rebus, I run a small, boutique design and branding agency in Yorkshire, with a dedication and commitment to working with you to build a brand that works for your business and tells its story.

My aim is to build a relationship with you. Only by providing a personal and dedicated service can I understand what drives you, where you have come from, what ambitions you have for your business and what values you want to project.

From these small acorns, I can research design ideas, provide a design brief and overview, create eye-catching and unique branding designs, refine these ideas to suit your needs and agree a final design. I can also work with you to develop the brand and make sure it evolves along with your business. This way I can offer solutions which engage your customers as your business grows and your market changes.

Brand storytelling services I offer extend to:

Logo design

Packaging Design

Website design

Brand identity development

Print design

Bespoke brand storytelling services in Yorkshire

My personalised approach means you get a unique, dedicated service from Rebus Design. I am based near Harrogate, North Yorkshire and have helped many small businesses across the Yorkshire region project their business ethos, identity and personality through brand storytelling. My experience and expertise allows us to find solutions which are eye-catching, meaningful and instantly recognisable, and also can grow and evolve to always reflect the characteristics and ambitions of your business.

Contact Rebus today for specialist brand storytelling services in Yorkshire.