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With different communities across the UK facing challenging times, local initiatives are often a form of solace and motivation. Around 23% of people over the age of 16 took part in some type of formal volunteer work in 2019/20, and increasingly, people are finding some belonging and personal value in getting involved in community groups.

In developing branding and design for community groups, it is important to remember the central message and to encourage inclusivity and diversity. Community groups need to be welcoming and reflect local history and values, so identity is key to this and doesn’t exclude the use of attractive and appealing design work to make branding clear, sharable and unique.

Designing For Community Group Brands

We have worked with many local community groups to help develop a brand identity and raise awareness of the mission and objectives.

How Rebus can help your community group brand

Top tips for community group branding

Having worked with Richard at Rebus in the past on various design projects, we asked him to help us develop a new identity for our membership scheme. He worked with us to understand what we were looking for and presented three great options, any of which would have worked! The one we chose was particularly clever as they managed to use shapes from the ceiling patterns in our grade 2 listed building to create a contemporary design that reflects the treasured heritage of our theatre, which perfectly appealed to our community.
Rachel Auty, Head of Communications Harrogate Theatre


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