Community Groups Design & Branding

In developing branding and design for community groups, it is important to remember the central message and to encourage inclusivity and diversity. Community groups need to be welcoming and reflect local history and values, so identity is key to this and doesn’t exclude the use of attractive and appealing design work to make branding clear, sharable and unique.

Designing For Community Group Brands

As a branding and design agency for community groups we understand the need to reflect existing members, but also to establish a brand that encourages new members, whilst also carrying an effective message.

With different communities across the UK facing challenging times, local initiatives are often a form of solace and motivation. Around 23% of people over the age of 16 took part in some type of formal volunteer work in 2019/20, and increasingly, people are finding some belonging and personal value in getting involved in community groups.

We have worked with many local community groups to help develop a brand identity and raise awareness of the mission and objectives.

How Rebus can help your community group brand

Community groups are proud organisations with an important function, and as such our branding approach is to accurately reflect the aims, purpose and mission of the group, whilst also creating an identity that is welcoming, appealing and sits well within the community.

As a branding and design agency for community groups, we can work with you to carry your group’s message and open the identity up to encourage wider support and funding where necessary.

We offer a full range of services, including:

Brand Identity
Logo Design
Design for Print
Packaging Design
Web Design

Top tips for community group branding

Use social media.
Done well, social media will enable you to directly target your key audience, to build an important community rapport and to share information quickly and easily.

Be wary of compliance.
Your group will not have unlimited funds with which to fight legal battles, so make sure compliance with regards to consent, GDPR and copyright usage is a priority and that you are using photos, information and content appropriately.

Focus on your mission.
A community group usually has one cause and you shouldn’t deviate from it. Having a focused mission makes you much easier to identify with and follow, so keep the message simple.

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