I don’t stick to one type of business, or focus solely on one sector! I work with a diverse range of clients, from boutique hotels and universities to coffee shops and community start-ups. I believe in approaching every project with a fresh set of eyes, gaining a good understanding of who they are, what they do and who they are trying to reach.

Telecommunications Design & Branding

Staying ahead in telecommunications means thinking differently and challenging every aspect of your business.
The world of telecommunications is constantly changing and growing and we can help you keep up with the pace by delivering strong brand identity and impactful web design.


Health & Wellbeing Design & Branding

The health and wellbeing sector is ubiquitous and growing bigger all the time.
It demands a creative ethos and a standout brand, so working in this sector means you need an identity that not only looks great, it will also help to instil trust, professionalism and show a keen eye for detail.

Health & Wellbeing

Community Groups Design & Branding

In developing branding and design for community groups, it is important to remember the central message and to encourage inclusivity and diversity.
Community groups need to be welcoming and reflect local history and values, so identity is key to this and doesn’t exclude the use of attractive and appealing design work to make branding clear, sharable and unique.

Community Groups

Financial Design & Branding

When looking at financial services branding and design, you want your identity to be impactful and recognisable, but to also deliver intelligence and stability.
We can work with you to build a comprehensive package of unique branding that appeals to your target market and instils confidence in your services.

Financial Services

Recruitment Design & Branding

Our experience in recruitment branding and design can help to overhaul and refresh your brand identity to achieve your professional goals.
A recruitment agency needs standing and credibility, but it also needs personality. We can help you to communicate a unique message that reflects the values of trust that job seekers and employers need to see in you


Business Start-Ups Design & Branding

Delivering brand & design identity for a business startup is critical in the survival and evolution of your new venture.
Of course you need to make a good first impression, but as a business startup branding and design agency, our work doesn’t end there. You also need branding and design that attracts loyalty, growth and credibility for your business startup.

Business Start-Ups

eCommerce Design & Branding

Having strong eCommerce branding is not just about the logo, it is about your name, your tagline, your personality and the experience customers have on your website.
Rebus are experienced across many industry sectors and our work in eCommerce design and branding has left customers with clear visibility on values, message, how they speak and what they look like.


Legal Design & Branding

Showcase your trust and expertise with legal advice through a strong and credible brand identity.
We understand that branding for law firms is about portraying an emotion, and is a symbolic way of demonstrating great humanity. We also understand that there needs to be strategy behind branding, because longevity helps to create credibility and reputation, both of which are critical in the legal sector.


Plumbing Design & Branding

Plumbers need to be professional and trustworthy and logos and branding are important because they can carry a message which is seen whilst people are at work, on vans and uniforms as well as literature and stationery.
With plumbing also being so highly regulated, branding needs to reflect the importance of accreditations, so it needs to be powerful and visible.


Corporate Design & Branding

The mission, values and objectives are all essential ingredients for developing a corporate brand and creating a unique design.
Corporate branding should be strong, bold and easily identifiable. It can be B2B or B2C focused, but most of all, it needs to depict your business in its purest form, offering an engaging experience to potential clients.


Beauty Design & Branding

The beauty market is packed full of glamour, influencers and Instagram-friendly trends which are here today and gone tomorrow.
But there are still plenty of long-established and successful brands in this sector, and to be competitive and enduring you need standout branding and a coherent design and styling.


Education Design & Branding

Your visual identity as an academic institution or educational resource is the first thing people will see, and it needs to be compelling and engaging.
I work with many different academic institutions in the UK, including schools, colleges, nurseries and universities. Although each might have similar requirements in terms of project scope (online assets, printed material), each one needs its own identity, to stand out from its peers.


Media Design & Branding

If you work in media, you’ll appreciate the fast-paced and exhilarating nature of your industry where you have to stand out from the competition.
Media encompasses everything from film and entertainment to technology giants, and we have experience working with a wide range of companies in the media industry.


Retail Design & Branding

The retail sector is fast-paced and ever-changing. It demands prominent, bold branding to get the right messaging across and showcase a must-have product.
Investing in eye-catching design is essential in the retail industry where perception is everything! Authenticity is required here to create truly original designs to catch the eye of the ever discerning shopper.


Fitness Design & Branding

In an increasingly crowded and demanding market, new businesses in the fitness industry must have an energetic upbeat and engaging brand identity from day one, so they can hit the ground running.
We work with gyms, fitness start-ups, nutritionists, coaches and personal trainers. Each is unique, and we tailor our creative branding and design skills to your specific needs.


Estate Agents Design & Branding

As an estate agent, your key focus is on acquiring new clients who trust you to sell their property. Equally, you need to convey that trust to potential buyers who want to be able to work with an agent that will help to find them the best property for their needs – at the best price.

Estate Agents

Construction Design & Branding

If you work in the construction industry, you’ll appreciate the importance of having a strong, recognisable brand that conveys trust, professionalism and expertise.
If you keep your brand modern and fresh with a seamless design that can be rolled out across a wide range of online and offline mediums, you’re already one step ahead of the competition.


Events Design & Branding

Whether its a festival or the launch of your new product, the identity across all touch-points needs to be consistent, an adaptable graphic system is a great way to achieve this across all applications from invites to large-scale graphics & social media.
The message you communicate will either resonate with people or fall a little flat. We’re here to help make sure your event branding is impactful and gets the respect and attention of the public you’re looking to attract.


Food & Drink Design & Branding

They say first you eat with your eyes. So a mouth-watering brand identity that creates excitement is essential if you want to discover the recipe for success.
We understand the importance of design that is emotive and captures the very essence of what your brand or product is about.

Food & Drink

Technology Design & Branding

To be taken seriously, technology brands need an innovate, modern and clean brand identity to make its mark in this sector.
The technology sector in the UK is growing all the time, and when it comes to tech, looks matter. In many cases, you are designing the future, so this should be reflected within your visual identity.


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