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The beauty market is packed full of glamour, influencers and Instagram-friendly trends which are here today and gone tomorrow. But there are still plenty of long-established and successful brands in this sector, and to be competitive and enduring you need standout branding and a coherent design and styling.

Look a million dollars all day, everyday

More than one million people work in the beauty industry in the UK, which gives you some idea of what is needed to serve the consumer market. The beauty sector is different to many others because it is organic and continuous, many products, treatments and experiences are not a one-off purchase, they are ongoing. So your brand needs to capitalise on this vibrancy and maintain a fresh and cohesive design to reflect new trends but also to promote loyalty, trust and professionalism.

The beauty sector touches on everyone, even men now spend more than £100 million annually on skincare products alone, so your branding needs to be flexible and adaptable and open to everyone.

Clean, fresh designs work wonders. Don’t overcomplicate it; let simplicity blend seamlessly with your individuality.

Designing for beauty brands

Whether you need a logo, stationary or shopfront designs, website branding or a complete brand identity package, contact Rebus and I will have your beauty brand looking fantastic in no time.

I have worked with many different beauty brands from my Yorkshire-based branding agency, so I have the experience and knowledge to deliver creative solutions that will keep your beauty brand ahead of the game.

How Rebus can help your brand

If your beauty brand needs a refresh, a complete new identity or if you need help with an event or a new product or service, I can use my professional design experience to create powerful, unique and expertly-crafted branding designs. The beauty sector is facing challenges from at-home treatments and is diversifying with on-demand subscriptions, so our branding can help you keep up with a changing marketplace.

My boutique design agency skilfully follows trends and has an eye on modern styles and techniques to deliver cutting edge beauty branding that reflects your market. I offer a full range of services, including:

Brand Identity
Logo Design
Print Design
Packaging Design
Web Design

Call today on 01765 647100 to discuss your project, or click here to send an enquiry.

Top tips for beauty brands

Avoid buzzwords

Catching a trend at the right time can be very lucrative, but trends can age quickly, particularly in the beauty sector. So don’t fall for buzzwords and be stuck with a name, logo or branding that soon looks naff and outdated.

Uniqueness is key

In a saturated market you need to standout, but that doesn’t just mean constant innovation, you can improve a popular product, service or experience by giving it a different take. You don’t always have to re-invent the wheel.

Don’t lose focus of the business

Diversification is great, but don’t over-think it and don’t go too far just to follow trends. Stay true to your goals and values and what people expect of your business.

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