Glow with Lindsey

A beautiful and elegant identity for the beauty industry

The Challenge

For Lindsey's new business she wanted to start as she meant to go on. So, rather than cobble something together herself, she wanted a stand-out identity to reflect the services she was offering from day one. Initially, Lindsey was just going to focus on lashes only but has plans to develop her training and services to cover nails, brows and waxing.

This is the second time I have worked with Richard at Rebus to create an identity for a business, and yet again, he hasn't disappointed. Richard has perfectly captured the look and feel I wanted for Glow. I can't recommend him enough.

Lindsey Stockdale, Owner

Glow with Lindsey

I chose to develop the logo based on the font Mogan, and use it for all headings and statements due to its elegance and beautiful curves to symbolise lashes.

The Result

I created a simple, but unique wordmark for Lindsey's logo based on the font Mogan. The 'g' also acted as a responsive mark for multiple applications such as social media and merchandise.

I wanted to subtly reflect the lashes within the wordmark, even though one day Lindsey may be adding to her list of services, I thought this would be a nice nod to where it all started. So, I adapted the flick above the letter 'g' to resemble the abstract shape of an eyelash, this also gave me a great graphical element to work with. A repeatable pattern was made and used in many different ways to create an adaptable and identifiable brand identity.