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The primary purpose of any logo is to make you immediately recognisable and identify you from your competition. It’s no easy task to create a logo both simple and unique, but if done correctly, it should set you apart and be distinctively yours.

Are you unique? Does your business differ from the competition? If the answer is yes, you need to capture this and create a logo that reflects you alone.

Embrace simplicity

My advice to you is when designing your next logo… keep it simple!
In an age when your logo needs to appear on so many different applications, it needs to be designed to accommodate this and make sure it works just as well on your business card or Instagram account. Does it also need to be scaled up to be used on signage? Is it possible to have it embroidered on the new work shirts?

Dare to be different

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but not when it comes to logo design.
It’s pointless spending time designing an awesome logo if it’s virtually identical to a competitor. Designing a logo is the perfect opportunity to create a mark that genuinely reflects the personality of your business. Check out the competition, see what’s already out there, what works and what doesn’t! What colour palette they use? If it’s an organics company and everyone else is using green as their primary brand colour, why not try something different! If the majority are using a leaf as a mark or emblem, then don’t do the same.

With all the logos I create, I stick to my proven formula, keep it simple, make it relevant, design it to be adaptable and make sure it’s distinctive.

Keep it Simple.
A simple logo helps to make it instantly recognisable and much more memorable, quickly giving the viewer the ability to focus on the message you want to communicate. Done well, a clean, uncluttered and clever logo can say a lot with very little!

Tips for logo design

Make it simple.
At the risk of sounding like a broken record, my number one tip when designing a logo is to keep it simple, don’t try and cram too much in there. The purpose of a logo is identification, not communication.

Be different.
Make it unique. If you want people to remember your logo and brand, you must have a logo that stands out and gets peoples attention.

Be patient.
Don’t expect instant success. It takes time to gain popularity and recognition. But if you follow the first and most important two tips above when designing a logo, I guarantee you will get there quicker.

Logo Design FAQs

Find out more about my logo design services and what the process is to get started.
Read the Logo Design FAQs or find out more about specific logos I can create for you, including type mark logos, emblem logos, monogram logos and mascot logos.

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