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Logo design is only one element of building your brand identity, but it is perhaps the most important. Working with Rebus, you will receive strong one-to-one interaction and I will partner with you to ensure your logo design reflects the values of your business, is simple and transferrable to all formats and finally that it is unique, distinctive and memorable.

These are the key attributes of a strong brand logo, so contact Rebus today and we can start the process of creating a successful logo design.

A mascot logo can help to transform your brand. Let Rebus create a logo that really stands out!

What is a mascot logo?

Mascot logos are the use of an illustrated character to work alongside your brand name. They are usually colourful and fun and are often a cartoon or caricature that is larger than life. The mascot can act as a brand ambassador and can be a depiction of a founder or can be an entirely fictional character, and often they graphically represent what the business does. A successful mascot logo will be strong enough to step away from the product and come alive, and amongst the most famous mascot logos are for KFC, Green Giant, Michelin and Pringles, and of course numerous sports teams.

When would you use a mascot logo?

A mascot logo is ideal where you want your brand to be wholesome and appeal to families and children, or where the story of your business involves a unique personality or theme. For a sports team a mascot can help with interaction and a mascot logo is great for translating to advertising, social media and merchandising and for creating a connection between your business and its market. A mascot logo can help translate your brand globally, but it will usually be used alongside a type mark logo or a monogram logo because the mascot itself is not powerful enough to support the brand, at least not at first. A mascot logo can also be incorporated into an emblem logo.

Two things to consider when designing a mascot logo or when deciding if this style is right for you:

1. Will your business change or diversify its product range in the future? And will the mascot still be relevant and fully represent the brand when this happens?

2. Will the mascot image translate to smaller forms of branding, such as business cards, digital icon images or packaging design?

Successful logo design with the Rebus branding agency

If you contact me at Rebus today I can provide a personable service based on professional skills, imaginative insight and mutual agreement, and we can work together to create the very best logo design for your business.

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