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What is a monogram logo?

Many people think monogram logos are also known as lettermark logos, but there is a subtle difference. Both these types of logo use a group of initials to indicate the brand name and form the logo – for example, the British Broadcasting Corporation isn’t known as that, it’s known as the BBC – but with a monogram logo the letters are specifically positioned or interlaced to form the logo, rather than the letters being plainly ordered side-by-side as you would normally read them. So think the UA of Under Armour and the YSL of Yves Saint Laurent (monogram), rather than HBO, IBM or NASA (lettermark).

Where would you use a monogram logo?

A new or developing business may prefer to use a monogram logo alongside a type mark logo, in order to help establish its name. In other words, you could spell the name out underneath a monogram logo, at least for a couple of years or however long it takes for the initials to become established. It is not common to use a monogram logo alongside other types of logo, such as emblem logo or mascot logo, because the key feature of a monogram logo is its simplicity and the perceived power of the initials standing on their own.

Monogram logos come from very traditional techniques like portraying a family name on a coat of arms in embroidery or etched on a shield. So this logo type promotes luxury, style and exclusivity. It is ideal for short names which can be initialised to two or three letters, and it would not work for longer names because the logo may become illegible or not easy to distinguish. Because a monogram logo is also typography-based, the font is very important and a longer name with four or more letters may be difficult to distinguish in some smaller or printed formats.

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