Emblem Logos

Do you need a strong emblem for your brand?

When you design a logo for your business there is a lot to think about. A logo needs to be:

Simple – in terms of being memorable and recognisable
Relevant – it needs to connect with your target market
Adaptable – can it be developed and grow with your product?
Distinctive – is it unique and does it stand out as unmistakably yours?


It is hard to achieve all these things in a logo, and what style you opt for very much depends on your business and its audience. If you contact Rebus today I can talk with you about your business vision and values and we can work together to find the right logo for you.

What is an emblem logo?

An emblem logo is a traditional type of logo which contains one or potentially a number of visual elements all inside an emblem, which could be shaped as a shield, seal, badge or crest. Common examples are the Starbucks mermaid emblem, the Stella Artois crest, the NFL shield, or in the automotive industry, emblem logos for Porsche or Alfa Romeo. These don’t have to contain the brand name, but often do. However, they all involve strong images that are contained within a relatively simple overall design.

What should an emblem logo include?

There are no set rules. An emblem logo can involve two or three icons, plus lettering. There can be different colours, fonts and shapes, as long as they are all contained within the emblem. This means that within an emblem logo you can include a mascot logo or a type mark logo or a monogram logo, as long as the overall design works.

Remember to keep your logo simple. There can be a lot going on within it, but it can still work as a logo, as long as it can easily be replicated. Think about how the logo might be minimised, and if it is too small in some formats does the logo become indistinguishable? You might lose what makes the logo distinctive.

When to use an emblem logo

Emblem logos suggest legacy, prestige and authority. You might think they just apply to established businesses, but any business can show the ambition and professionalism an emblem logo projects. An emblem logo is also good for expanding your brand across merchandising, so for t-shirts, badges, stickers, because it is classic, timeless and striking.

Contact Rebus for expert logo design

At Rebus I can help you with your logo design as part of building your brand identity, so get in touch today and we can discuss your business and start the process of developing a successful brand.

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