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When you need a type mark logo, or wordmark logo, Rebus has you covered.

Designing a logo is one of the first tasks you undertake as a fledgling business, and is also one of the most exciting. Playing around with typography and images is great fun as you imagine how your logo can be replicated in shops, online, on screen and in a million homes. But designing a logo is also one of your most important tasks.

A logo needs to be simple, relevant, adaptive and distinctive, so let me deliver this for you by contacting Rebus today.

What is a type mark logo?

Type mark logos – also known as wordmark logos – are one of the most common types of business logo. They are a visual depiction of your brand name using stylised letters, rather than any form of image, emblem or picture. Think Google, Coca-Cola or Virgin. These logos take the simple brand name and introduce different fonts, or they customise the typography to bring character and personality.

Designing a type mark logo is a great way to develop a strong brand identity, by exaggerating letters or introducing a symbol or a colour into the letters that connects to your product or your brand values.

Professional and imaginative logo design

At Rebus I have worked on logo design with many different start-up and established businesses in different industry sectors. Type mark logos are a popular and successful way to build your brand identity and I have worked closely with these partners to deliver successful results, so contact me at Rebus today and let’s take the first step to developing your brand.

What makes a good type mark logo?

A good type mark logo needs a succinct and distinctive brand name; think Visa or Amazon, for example. A long brand name won’t work as a type mark logo. A type mark logo is also different to a monogram logo or lettermark logo, because these use names that are shortened to initials, such as BBC or NASA. But a successful type mark logo won’t need a combination of an emblem logo or a mascot logo to work with it. If the brand name is strong and the logo is good, it will work on its own.

Type mark logos are good for new businesses who really need to promote their brand name and get it out there. They are also easier to replicate, because there is less chance of losing print or copy quality when there isn’t a complex image or symbol involved, so a type mark logo can be used in more places.

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