Financial Services Design & Branding

We can build your financial services brand to bring authority and trust to a competitive and in-demand sector.

The Financial Services Sector

One in 14 UK people work in the financial services sector, that’s 2.3 million people, and furthermore, two-thirds of those are based outside of London. And financial services are no longer viewed as formal, straitlaced and dull. Just look at the innovative branding and messaging of businesses like Go Compare and Compare the Market?

The UK Fintech Sector generates over £7 billion in revenue per year, so there is money to be made, and everyone likes a bit of that. I can help your financial services organisation to build an identity that is savvy, experienced and authoritative, but also positive, forward-thinking and unique.

We have wide-ranging expertise within the financial services industry. Your design and branding are vital in showing your trust and authority.

Designing For Financial Services Brands

When looking at financial services branding and design, you want your identity to be impactful and recognisable and deliver intelligence and stability. We can work with you to build a comprehensive package of unique branding that appeals to your target market and instils confidence in your services.

As a leading financial services branding and design agency, we recognise the trust you need to build and the dynamic messaging that sets you apart in a competitive marketplace.

How Rebus Can Help Your Financial Services Company

Do you offer a wide range of financial services? Or do you work in a niche market with specialist expertise? Either way, you have a service worth shouting about.

Rebus can help you with the branding and design of your financial service to find the right balance between trust and authority and the thrill and excitement of watching money grow. Whatever your financial assistance is, we can build you a unique and impactful long term brand, which can evolve as your business develops.

We offer a full range of services, including:

Brand Identity
Logo Design
Print Design
Packaging Design
Web Design

Call today on 01765 647100 to discuss your project, or click here to send an enquiry.

Top Tips for Financial Services Brands

Be honest and transparent.
Your services need to be open, honest and transparent, which can be communicated in your messaging. For example, people are put off by the suspicion of hidden charges and fees.

Be as visual as possible.
Saving and making money is an aspirational thing, so bring it alive. Use videos and images to tell a story, sell a dream and make financial services fun.

Be approachable.
You need to understand why customers would want to use your services, so having a personality and being approachable will help build trust and promote a confident message.

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