A place where you can give praise & tips, helping people feel valued and appreciated

The Challenge

During Lockdown V1.0, Toni and Mark, with their girls, all stood out on the doorstep clapping for the NHS, but what about the care home workers, retail workers, bus drivers and everyone else that had to carry on and put their lives in danger to keep the country running?

They wanted a website that would be a safe place for members of the public to say Thank You! Not only to the Key Workers but also essential workers in hospitality, non-food retail, beauty, events and many more. They were losing their jobs, careers, and self-worth, not to mention the much-needed tip income. But first, Toni and Mark needed an identity that reflected the positivity of their new venture.

The Approach

With Positiply been a website to leave tips and praise, I wanted their new identity to have a friendly and positive look and somehow have a feeling of celebration. After all, Positiply was born out of a need for people to say Thanks to those key workers and the many more working in hospitality who really deserved it.

With elements from the new logo, I created an abstract pattern that resembled confetti to symbolise a celebration.

The Result

I developed a brand identity that focused on the celebration of saying thank you to the amazing people who deserved it. A simple, effective and most importantly, identifiable graphical elements were designed not only to tie in with the new company logo, but to resemble confetti... traditionally how wedding guests say 'congratulations', and wish a lifetime of luck and happiness upon a newly married couple.

The logo itself was designed to feel like a signature to represent the individual themselves, a plus symbol was also designed into the P to express the positive only nature of the business. This also helped me make a very strong responsive mark to be used on social media and as the companies App Icon.