Aquarius Wedding Cars

A beautiful logo to match the beautiful 1930s Beauford

Aquarius Wedding Cars, based in North Yorkshire, is a family run business offering bespoke chauffeur driven wedding packages with exceptionally high standards. Using their 1930s style Beauford two-door soft-top convertibles gives the best start to a fairytale wedding.

The Challenge

When asked to design a new logo for start-up business Aquarius Wedding Cars, my challenge was to create something clean, elegant, and modern.

Although this initially sounded pretty straightforward, they also said they wanted the new logo design and identity to sit comfortably with the look and style of their classic 1930s style Beauford two-door soft-top convertibles.

With many sketches and concepts explored, I kept coming back to the idea of using the ribbon. I somehow wanted this to play a big part in the design of the new logo.

The Approach

I was initially drawn to the ribbon after receiving images of the cars being used on wedding days. After doodling many sketches of possible concepts, I kept coming back to the ribbon. After all, when do you ever tie a ribbon to a car apart from on someone’s big day? So I decided I wanted this iconic symbol to play a part in the new logo design.

The Result

I developed the logo using a line that resembles a ribbon to symbolise the wedding day. I created the logo n the shape of a heart to depict love, and the letter A was also incorporated to represent the business name. Creating a simple, elegant and unique logo.

I used the new logo as a springboard to develop the visual identity. Taking the ribbon treatment from the logo and using it across various printed collateral to create a consistent look and feel.