You know you've had a good work out when the DOMS kick-in!

You know that you've had a good session when the DOMS kick in!

The Challenge

Our task when approached by iGOTDOMS, was to refresh their existing logo to give them a base to start building the new brand identity, although they were hesitant to stray to far from their current identity as they were starting to develop a strong following. The goal was to achieve a clean and friendly image to make the brand easily transferable and recognisable in international markets.

It’s easy to get pulled into a big budget project, but Rebus gave me their ideas, design experience and industry advice to push iGOTDOMS forward.

Andy Wray, Managing Director


The Approach

During our research into the sports and fitness industry, it quickly became apparent to us that the iGOTDOMS brand needed a logo that would reflect and amplify their brand mission. The new icon needed to be unique to stand out in a bustling marketplace, as well as simple and compact enough to be used in small applications such as a clothing zip.

The Result

The new iGOTDOMS identity was created by incorporating the three initials of the iGOTDOMS brand. This then isolated the ‘i’ in the centre of the circle which created a figure and is now known affectionately as ‘DOM’. The circle in which ‘DOM’ sits has developed into a badge which has become a representation of the entire iGOTDOMS brand. The brand that prides itself on hard work and striving for better. “Wear it like a badge of honour.”