Beers & Banter

An identity to reflect their fun and informal events

Beers & Banter run great beer tasting events that are engaging, informative and fun; they will leave you entertained, enlightened and with a greater appreciation of the world’s most popular alcoholic drink. Discovery Events are held all year round with something to suit everyone, whether you have just started learning about beer or you fancy yourself as a bit of a connoisseur, a great evening with a few beers & Banter thrown in for good measure!

The Challenge

Beers & Banter events are pretty much like a wine tasting evening, apart from they include beer, and well, lots of banter! Having been in the business for over 35 years, Richard shares his vast knowledge of the beer industry and lots of interesting and funny stories throughout the evening. An informal, fun, relaxed and enjoyable experience, Richard wanted this to be visualised in the new identity.

The Approach

After our first meeting, it was instantly apparent that I had to create an identity that reflected Richard’s fun, energetic and, dare I say, ‘eccentric’ nature.

I knew from our first meeting; Richard was the right choice for the job. Bright and engaged, he brought our new brand to life. I’m proud of the outcome and excited about the future.

Richard Morrice, Director & Founder Beers & Banter

The Result

The solution I chose to develop this logo was to use a typographic style that had a fun, friendly and playful quality, capturing the essence of these events. Using this, a recognisable logo was created, which perfectly reflects Richard’s personality and conveys the lively feel of an evening with Beers & Banter.