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Richard Stockdale - Rebus Design Richard Stockdale 22nd December 2021

Creative elements are the backbone of the look, feel and tone of a brands identity, and recruitment firms all approach branding in different ways. One thing is undeniable though, without a substantial and recognisable brand identity, any recruitment firm, regardless of its history, will find it very difficult to compete and succeed.

The Need for Strong Branding for Recruitment Firms

The recruitment industry is undeniably highly saturated, so it’s essential to stand out from the crowd. To be recognisable, memorable and have your own identity, you need a branding approach that builds trust with both employers and applicants.

For design and branding, recruitment firms are complex as the firm needs to appeal to two very different purposes, generating more clients and finding talent. The key in design and branding for recruitment firms is finding common ground between the two, whether that’s quality and high standards, flexibility, professionalism, or encouraging creativity

Adaptability – Williams Bain

Williams Bain Logo

Williams Bain focus on recruiting individuals who can change the direction of a company. The logo design for Williams Bain incorporates the W and B into one mark, which can then be changed directionally, representing the adaptability of the employees the recruitment firm attracts.

To achieve a successful brand, a firm needs consistency between all design elements, including an impactful Logo Design, Website, Print Packaging and Brand Identity. These creative elements communicate the look and feel of your brand, without which it’s easy to be missed.

Here at Rebus, we believe achieving great recruitment branding should focus on three important tips:

1. Consistent Messaging: Keep the communication and recruitment process simple
2. Positivity: Encouraging resilience is immeasurably important for applicants
3. Use Tech Right: a slick, efficient database can support matching employees and applicants

A cohesive and consistent style for your
web design is crucial for recruitment agencies, where the current/modern emphasis on the digital world means the largest interaction, your customer has with your business is on your website. Making your brand memorable and building trust with the customer is critical to growth, and the website design can directly impact this.

Invest in Your Brand

A recruitment firm without strong branding and design is likely to get lost in the shadows of larger competitors such as Hays, Adecco, and Reed. Investing in an experienced designer like Rebus, who spend time understanding your companies identity, can allow you to attract the correct customers, and compete in the highly competitive sector.

A successful branding and design process starts with a creative agency researching your business, what you stand for, and what message you’re looking to communicate to clients and customers. Find out more about what Rebus can do for your recruitment firm to portray your brand in the best way.

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