Harrogate Fitness Formula

A fitness formula programme that fits around you

The Challenge

As well as not having any confidence in his current identity, Andy didn't think that the generic logo he currently owned accurately represented the bespoke and individual services he offered. I was asked to develop a logo and a standout brand identity that was much more bespoke to reflect this.

Richard at Rebus listened to the brief and produced a brand that has given me the confidence to project myself to the clients I aspire to work with.

Andy Gardener, Director

Harrogate Fitness Formula

An identity system was created that was very simple in construction and fun in its application.

The Approach

With Andy's new identity, I wanted it to be bright, vivid and better reflect the four primary services he offers; personal training, run technique, group training & sports massage.

The Result

The final result was a resounding success. I created a new logo that was, bright, fun, engaging and energetic which perfectly captured Andy and the services offered at Harrogate Fitness Formula. Off the back of the new logo, I wanted to create a bold and lively identity that was not going to fail to get noticed!

I created an identity system that was very simple in its application, but very effective. By using only the shapes we created with the logo, I built a library of elements that could be dropped onto a grid and moved around to where they fit best. Different colours within the colour palette could be used depending on the application. This identity was created to be extremely flexible so you could have fun with it.