Anne Pemberton

A unique identity to help combat health challenges

The Challenge

Anne's old logo was over-complicated and confusing, so I was more than happy to help when asked to create something a bit more her!

A logo was designed around probably the most individual and unique thing I could think of, the fingerprint.

Richard at Rebus was recommended to me by one of my fellow practitioners. I met Richard before taking the plunge. I like that personal touch. I wanted a rebranded logo - something original and me, something that says what I do without being wordy or over the top. There was no competition with the three concepts Richard presented. I was drawn to the chosen design, it was nothing like I expected, but it certainly ticked all the boxes. Richard was quick and well priced; the whole process was completely painless, excellent to deal with, and nothing is too much trouble or too small a job.

Anne Pemberton

Personal Health & Well-Being by Anne Pemberton

The Approach

The nature of Anne's work is very bespoke and tailored uniquely to her clients, finding solutions to their own individual health needs. So, it goes without saying I wanted to create her something unique to reflect this, but with all the logos and identities I design my two biggest must-haves are... keep it simple and make it unique. So I wanted to find a way to somehow emphasise the personal and individual aspect of what Anne does!

The Result

The solution to this problem was to design a logo around probably the most individual and unique thing I could think of... the fingerprint. This perfectly communicated Anne's message of a tailored individual service, and for Anne, we went one step further, incorporating her own initials into her one-off logo. This created some great graphical elements for to work with when developing the identity across various applications.