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This site showcases the work of myself... Richard Stockdale, AKA Rebus Design. Over the last 18 years at Rebus I have been crafting logos and brand identities for established companies and ambitious start-ups, with a focus on creating simple, flexible and distinctive designs that reflect the personality, values and ambitions of the businesses I work with.

Are you unique? Does your business differ from the competition? If the answer is yes, then you need to capture this and create an identity that reflects you, and you alone.


Logo design

A simple mark that lasts for years.

Are you unique? Does your business differ from the competition? If the answer is yes, then you need to capture this and create a logo that reflects you, and you alone.

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Brand identity

The most influential brand identities are instantly recognisable and immediately convey a message about that business.

Whether you are starting up or starting over you need to translate your personality, ambitions and ideas into a compelling brand identity.

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Design for print

Design for print is far from dead.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that marketing has gone all electronic these days. Not true. There's still plenty of room for a hard-working business card, brochure, leaflet or poster.

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Packaging design

The design of product packaging performs many roles.

It needs to protect, it needs to identify, it needs to inform, it needs to transport, but above all, it needs to get noticed if its to survive on the shelf.

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Website design

Bringing the vision for your brand to life online.

There's being on the web and being effective on the web - a blend of function and form will arrive at something which looks good and works well in equal measure.

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Our new branding has already won us business and paid for itself within the first month. I cannot recommend Rebus Design enough; if you are serious about your business branding, you need to speak with Richard at Rebus.


Meet Rich

Inquisitive + Creative + Competitive

So, a little about me. I don't find it an easy thing to write about myself, but here goes! Not the most academic of kids at school, my interests were focused around Sports and Art, much to the disappointment of my Form Tutor and Geology teacher, Mr Jackson. But, as it turns out, knowing the difference between an Igneous and Metamorphic rock hasn't really been a significant thing in my working life, whereas Art & Design seems to have stood me in good stead.

On leaving school, I went to York College of Art & Design, where I discovered my passion for design. From here I was accepted on to the Graphic Design course at Cleveland College where I passed with Distinction and also gained an unconditional offer onto the Typography course from the prestigious London College of Printing (LCP). Here I spent a great deal of time with my nose pressed up against the glass where the Macs were kept - because at LCP, students on the Typography course weren't allowed to touch them in the first year. That's because this course focused on teaching core skills, explaining fundamental techniques and expanding thought processes. Most importantly of all, it was a course about design in the commercial world, and not about making pretty pictures.

All this was the solid grounding and foundations for what Rebus was built upon and produces today. Well considered, meaningful design, created to work hard in the real world.


Why Good Photos Are Crucial To Your Branding & Design Plans

Branding is integral to how a business builds awareness and promotes its message, and a good standard of photos is absolutely central to that.

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Designing For Print – What You Need To Know

When designing for print, there are a few important considerations. Here we explain the differences between designing for print and designing for web.

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How To Stand Out With Your Health & Beauty Branding

Brand names in health & beauty rarely give any literal clues away, so the brand itself is critical in selling and promoting the product.

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