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Everybody is unique, and we want that to shine through all that we do.

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Helping you discover what makes you… YOU!

Yorkshire Oak Frames

Creating a modern identity to reflect traditional values

White Rose Membership

Creating an identity to help safe-guard 119 years of local heritage


Zero percent commission ordering for takeaways


You know you've had a good work out when the DOMS kick-in!

Bee Social Marketing

Designing a new identity for one of the UK's leading digital influencers

Otty Beds

Helping to build their vision as the world’s Number 1 sleep brand

First impressions are lasting impressions. At Rebus, we specialise in creating logos and visual identities that build the right kind of recognition and trust in your brand.

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Everybody is unique, and we want that to shine through all that we do. We help you unearth your story because if you're going to be heard above the noise, you first need something to shout about.

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Brand identity

Designing a brand identity is all about creating differentiation between you and your competitors, so it can emotionally connect with your customers. Speaking to them in a way that says ‘I’m fun’, ‘I’m exclusive’ or, ‘I’m the one for you, please take me home’.

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Logo design

A simple mark that lasts and endures for years. These are the things that say so much about your company before saying a word, sitting pretty on your business card, website, shopfront or delivery van. Working hard doing a silent selling job.

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Design for print

You'd be forgiven for thinking that marketing has gone all-electronic these days. Not true. There's still plenty of room for a hard-working mail piece leaflet, poster or brochure to thumb through.

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Packaging design

The design of product packaging performs many roles. It needs to protect, it needs to identify, it needs to inform, it needs to transport, but above all, it needs to be noticed.

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Website design

There's being on the web and being effective on the web - and there's a big difference. It's easy to be dazzled by design, but far harder to blend form with function and arrive at something which looks good and works well in equal measure.

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Our new branding has already won us business and paid for itself within the first month. I cannot recommend Rebus Design enough; if you are serious about your business branding, you need to speak with Richard at Rebus.
Rhys Boven, Wharfedale Interiors

Our Clients

Meet Rich

Inquisitive + Creative + Competitive

You can learn a lot at design college, and you can learn a lot more if you go to lots of them - which is precisely what Rich, did. Starting at York College of Art & Design, he then went on to top his year at Cleveland College before gaining an unconditional offer onto the Typography course from the very prestigious London College of Printing (LCP). He spent a great deal of time here with his nose pressed up against the glass where the Macs were kept - because at LCP, students on the Typography course weren't allowed to touch them in the first year. That's because this was a craftsman-designed course teaching core skills, explaining fundamental techniques and expanding thought processes. Most importantly of all, it was a course about design in the commercial world, and not about making pretty pictures. All this was the solid grounding and foundations for what Rebus was built upon and produces today. Intelligent creativity, well thought-through, designed to work hard in the real world.

Latest News

Brand Guidelines, why do you need them?

One of the most important parts of branding is consistency; regardless of the size of your company. Brand guidelines are a key tool to help ensure consistency across all applications.

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What makes a good logo design?

With all the logos we create, we stick to our proven formula… keep it simple, make it relevant, design it to be adaptable and make sure it’s distinctive.

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6 Tips For Creating A Memorable Brand Identity

Creating a ‘brand’ is far more than just creating a logo, otherwise a boutique design and branding agency like us would struggle to justify its skills and expertise.

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